The Ins And Outs Of An Amicable Divorce In Florida

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An amicable divorce also called a friendly divorce, is when both parties agree at the onset that they’re going to work together in the process and they’re going to try to do things the right way.


The Basics Of Getting An Amicable Divorce In Tampa Bay

Usually, in an amicable divorce, both parties agree in advance to a certain set of rules of how they’re going to treat each other. And, if there are children involved, how they’re going to work together with their children to make the process not so ugly, not so horrible.

One of the hallmarks of an amicable divorce is the concept that it’s not a zero-sum game — that both of the parties aren’t going to go out there and try to get the best-case scenario, regardless of what happens. They’re not going to burn the field to try and win the day, but rather they recognize that there’s going to be some give and take. And, when possible, they’re going to look for mutually beneficial ways to get things done.


The Benefits Of An Amicable Divorce

One of the benefits of an amicable divorce is that we see better resolutions for kids.

Amicable divorces tend to be shorter. They tend to move along faster and not take so long.

Amicable divorces also tend to be a little bit more cost-effective than a regular divorce because we see almost no unnecessary litigation.

If somebody’s going to court, it’s because they have to go to court.

And even then, when two people are working together in an amicable divorce, a lot of the formalities of what lawyers have to do in court are waived. Both parties just make quick agreements on some of those formalities.

Again, it ends up saving everyone a lot of money.


Final Considerations

If there’s a negative side to an amicable divorce, it’s that sometimes (if you want to call this a negative side) a party can end up giving in too much and maybe give more financially than he or she would be comfortable with later down the line.

However, if your goal isn’t just to maximize the amount of money that you have in your pocket at the end of the day, then maybe an amicable divorce is for you.