Handling Parenting Alienation In Men’s Divorce In Tampa

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  Let’s talk about parental alienation versus alignment, why it’s so important in a Florida men’s divorce with children, and what to do if you have these situations.   So, what we’re talking about is this. It’s a situation where you’re going through a divorce process, and the kids are pissed at you. They’re mad at you and they’ve taken Mom’s side.   And the question is, why have they taken Mom’s side, why are they mad at you?   The Psychology Of Mens Divorce Child Custody   A lot of times we find it boils down to two different, very related — but different — psychological concepts. And one is parental alienation.   In parental alienation, what’s happening is that your wife, the mother of your kids, is intentionally – for whatever reason — poisoning the well against you. And she is telling the kids that you’re bad news and bad things are happening as a result.   And the related concept, which is actually more difficult to deal with, is one of alignment.   In this scenario, there’s no bad intent by Mom. It’s just that the kids have seen — for whatever reason — that Mom is the weaker parent, and they feel a need to protect Mom. We see this very often with teenagers.   So, they’re aligning with Mom. And they’re trying to make sense of what’s happening by creating a good guy and a bad guy — and, unfortunately, you’re the bad guy.   Handling Parenting Alienation In Men’s Divorce   What do we as Tampa mens divorce lawyers do when we see these situations?   Well, the most important thing is to diagnose it right away and figure out what’s going on.   Because if we see a real, legitimate case of parental alienation, the only solution is to get custody experts involved right away because judges just aren’t that smart. They’re not able to diagnose these things on their own — but the right expert can.   Custody experts, in Florida courts, are able to go into your house and do interviews and figure out that stuff and figure out a plan that they can present to the judge that will help solve that problem.   Dealing With Alignment And Men’s Divorce Rights   Alignment’s more tricky. Because in alignment, again, it’s not the Mom being so evil and mean — at least not intentionally.   So, in alignment, instead of looking for experts that are going to testify in court, we’re looking for psychologists and mental health people that can come and intervene in the family and help build up your relationship with the kids.   And we’ll often slow the mens divorce child custody process down just enough so that we can get these mental health experts involved to help thaw what’s going on and help fix the situation.   If you and your kids are the victims of parenting alienation in men’s divorce and need a mens divorce attorney in Tampa, call Denmon Pearlman at 1-888-992-3386 today. Your initial consultation is free. We have four offices throughout Tampa Bay.